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Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, invest in your health and wellness, boost your muscles, get in shape before summer season or simply add some physical activity and a lot of fun into your everyday life, you are welcome to our sports club.Our club offers a large scale of activities, including fully equipped gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, yoga and pilates classes, boxing studio, TRX room, professional trainers and associated restaurant. We, also, provide indoor and outdoor playgrounds for team sports and regular members occasionally organize intern competitions. All of this goes under the affordable prices to everyone.

Our Program



There’s an expanding group of adrenalin lovers visiting our sports club on a daily basis for our extreme sports program. Aside TRX room, boxing studio and combat classes, we provide premises with adjusted conditions for extreme biking, climbing, jumping and balancing.

Team Sports


We have many women (and men!) regularly visiting fitness classes throughout the whole year, especially when summer comes near. They keep their bodies fit and in the form, choose the intensity level of classes according to their capabilities and pick one or several various fitness classes. This program includes fitness yoga, pilates, aerobic, fitball, Jam, Zumba, body shaping and stretching. 



Our inside and outside playgrounds are equipped for various team sports. Many regular members gather here for a game of basketball, football, baseball, handball, volleyball, even for their occasional competitions. Our sports club provides all the equipment and playground maintenance. We also hire coaches and referees, and the teams are not fixed. New members are welcome at any moment.

What Our Club Members Say

  • Cynthia

    Cynthia Bohannon

    ” I’m a regular member of this club for several years, and it’s become integrated part of my everyday life. At first, I came here to regain my form and shape in a gym, but over the years I’ve become a true friend with some guys here. Currently, it’s more of a fun and traditional hanging around with healthy activities as a bonus.”
  • Frank

    Frank Amado

    “I’m a new member of this club, and currently, I am satisfied. I visit yoga and aerobic classes regularly, but I jump into the swimming pool every once in a while. The club is dynamic, it has a great atmosphere, convenient terms, and conditions, training schedules fit my working schedule and the overall benefit surpasses the price of this club a big time. “
  • Donald

    Donald Lopez

    “I’m not a gym type of a guy; I prefer team sports. This club is near my home, and it provides courts for basketball and football which is exactly what I’m looking for. There are even professional coaches instructing us every time, and I’m planning to take part in their intern competition this summer. It helps me to stay fit and healthy, but it’s also highly entertaining. “

Benefits Of Regular Sport Practicing

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to stay in shape and form and to improve your health. Regular exercising few times a week will keep your cardiovascular and respiratory systems functioning properly, and your metabolism will set at the healthy rate. Improved circulation and oxygen supply will improve the function and results of your brain, and all of this will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Aside from that, spending an hour a week in some team sport will bring the social life closer and provide you a lot of fun. Physical shape reflects onto the mental and emotional one.

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