Tips for Choosing the Best Bike Headlight for Your Biking Journeys

Poor visibility and dark nights shouldn’t be an obstacle for you if you have a good set of bike lights on your cycle. With time, bike lights are getting more smaller and lighter delivering brighter lights for safe bike rides. While looking for the best bike headlights, you must determine first whether you want to be seen or see or both. In this post, we are going to share with you a few things which you should always remember to look for in order to get the best bike headlight.

Bike Headlights

How to choose the best bike lights?

Lumens – In layman’s terms, lumen is the unit of the brightness of a light in respect to the human eye. Modern bike lights range between 5 lumens to 100 lumens for lights in the rear end; while front lights vary between basic 10 lumen unit up to 100 and even 1000 lumen in the some of the best bike lights. You can compare the brightness of the light by using light comparison tools.

Batteries – Bike lights which are powered by disposable alkaline batteries are still available in the market but most lights nowadays, have built in built in batteries which are rechargeable. The most common type of rechargeable batteries used by cyclists are Lithium Polymer or Lithium Ion batteries since the batteries are lighter, smaller and are more efficient than normal disposable batteries, making it perfect for bicycle lights. Mostly they are charged by USB and some even have in built USB connector so that you don’t have to worry about cables. Powerful lights may take long to get charged via USB. For this reason, some headlights come with extra option for mains charger. Make sure you buy the one which has a long battery life and battery life indicators to know exactly how much charge is left. Some lights come with LED indicators that changes color to indicate the battery life.

Mounting options – Headlights can be placed on the handle bar of the bike but many can be placed on the helmet too. While riding at night time, consider using both. Rays of the helmet-mounted lights can be focused just by turning your head, so if you are planning to use only one light, helmet mounted light is a better option since it is more versatile. You can mount rear safety lights on your pocket, pack or seat post. Some of them can be positioned on the bike racks. At the same time, side safety lights are very useful for the visibility of you cycle and can be placed on frames or spokes of the wheel.

Finding a bike headlight isn’t a very difficult task but making sure you have the best bike light for you and your biking adventures is very important. So be sure to do the proper research and choose the best option for your needs.